What veterans should look for and where to find help with personal finances



Jay Horn, Senior Advisor at Trusted Capital Group, joined Studio 512 co-host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about what veterans should be looking for and where to find personal financial help.

“One of the co-founders of TCG Advisors, John Pesce, used his experience in the military where he learned to become more aware of identifying predatory practices. Service members usually fall prey to payday lenders and other people who visit the base and may appear to be well-meaning organizations and people who want to help the troops, but this is where veterans need to proceed with. caution.

“TCG Advisors was built on the principle of helping people through personal finance education. There are a multitude of personal financial resources and benefits available. The most common educational resource we hear about is the GI Bill, which, based on your service time, covers a percentage of your tuition, books, and even living expenses like rent and food. while you are taking university courses. There are military discounts available from many retailers, and more companies are offering veteran discounts than you usually know or hear about, so don’t be afraid to ask. We also know that about a quarter of veterans have a service-related disability, which qualifies them for a monthly allowance that is not taxable.

“TCG Advisors is staffed with Veterans who are eager to help provide services to support Veterans and their families and are there to help, no matter your financial situation or circumstances. For more information, visit TCGServices.com/KXAN or send an email to hello@tcgservices.com.


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