UBA, A bank that made the difference by lending in turbulent times


Globally, businesses are still suffering from contagion. Nigeria’s fragile economy is even more affected and struggles to fully recover from the economic recession in which it is currently embroiled.

Many businesses have since collapsed due to the difficult business climate and the low purchasing power of Nigerians. Amid these challenges, more and more businesses need credit facilities to stay afloat, but have been deprived of the funds to do so due to the apparent apathy of banks to extend credit to businesses.

However, a few banks, including United Bank for Africa, have stood out, shedding this robe of indifference to SMEs and individuals. Instead, they have become the lifeline of these businesses, helping them weather tough times and spurring unprecedented economic growth in the process.

United Bank, for example, was innovative enough to help weather the storm with multiple loan facilities. which practically helped change the narrative and ultimately catalyze growth … UBA has loaned its clients, a total of 178 billion naira, during the three months under review to bring its portfolio of loans to its clients to 2 733 billion naira, from 2.555 naira trillion …

Here are some of the banking products that have made a difference and transformed lives:

Our loan products are specially designed to meet the varied needs of all of our clients. The bank is now launching a campaign to increase awareness of a variety of our loan products targeting people from different walks of life.

  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Established Professionals
  • Self employed
  • SME
  • Employees (including those whose salary is not domiciled at the bank.
  • Artisan
  • Nigerians living in the diaspora

It is an automated loan without any form of documentation, paperwork, or queue. Customers can get up to 1 million naira instantly and pay over 12 months. This UBA loan product is known for its speed, efficiency and competitive rate. This product is available to all employee customers.

  • Dial * 919 * 28 #
  • Send a “loan” to Lion
  • By clicking on the “Click on credit” function on the mobile application or Internet banking services

  • Personal loans
  • Auto loans
  • Asset financing
  • Mortgage

A product designed to help finance the daily personal needs of our customers. Available to employees of Enlisted Counterparties whose salaries and other emoluments are currently paid through UBA OR are willing to transfer their accounts to UBA.

  1. Letter of introduction and awareness of the employer
  2. Copy of customer’s personnel ID
  3. Copy of valid customer ID
  4. Letter of offer duly accepted
  5. Completed loan application form

This product is designed to facilitate the purchase of physical assets ranging from home appliances to alternative electrical solutions and appliances by our retail customers through authorized partner vendors, giving them the ability to pay over a period of time. Clients must be employees of counterparties approved by the Bank.

  1. Letter of introduction and awareness-raising from the employer
  2. Copy of customer’s personnel ID
  3. Copy of valid customer ID
  4. Proforma invoice on behalf of UBA / client
  5. Completed loan application form
  6. Letter of offer accepted

The UBA Mortgage Loan is a product intended to partially finance the acquisition of residential real estate by employees whose employers appear on the Bank’s list of approved counterparties.

The product is aimed at high net worth individuals (HNIs) with a predictable and sustainable income. The product should enable clients to purchase fully developed properties or to leverage their home equity in the form of loans for specific purposes.

UBA personal loan – Direct

UBA Personal Loan – Direct is a variant of the UBA Personal Loan product intended for civil servants whose salaries are not domiciled with UBA. The product is designed to provide personal loans to government officials who are having difficulty changing their payroll accounts from other banks to UBA.

This loan is available for:

  • Federal officials registered on the IPPIS platform.
  • State officials – State officials (this will be limited to States whose salary is managed by an ICT company)

  1. Completed loan application form
  2. Copy of customer’s personnel ID
  3. Copy of valid customer ID
  4. Client instruction letter

UBA FX Cash Backed Loan is a term loan designed for Nigerians who manage foreign exchange accounts with the Bank. Clients can get up to 10 million naira for investment or to meet the financial needs of relatives in Nigeria.

The product is aimed at the following customer categories:

  • Home account holders
  • Nigerians in the Diaspora with FX Accounts with UBA
  • Beneficiaries of transfers from abroad
  • Earnings in FX
  • Customers with foreign currency deposits funded in cash.

The UBA Working Capital Loan offers up to NGN50M to help business owners meet their cash flow needs and grow their business. Flexible warranty coverage will be required depending on the loan amount and the nature of the client’s business.

This loan product is intended for

– Clients with verifiable net credit worth whose cash flows meet loan requirements

– Other structured groups / business clusters

UBA Asset Finance for SMEs

With UBA SME Asset Finance Loan, you can get financing to buy new assets and also grow your business. It is available for SMEs registered in the following types of businesses:

  • Food drink
  • Wholesale / retail and key distributors
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Agribusiness
  • Green economy and Fintechs
  • Exports
  • Professional companies and service providers.
  • Educational institutions
  • Other viable business segments

This is a medium to long term facility aimed at meeting the working capital, asset and mortgage needs of registered private schools. The package consists of a 4 month term loan, a 3 year asset finance loan and a 10 year mortgage loan.

The UBA Health Loan is designed to provide funding to registered hospitals, pharmacies, medical laboratories, diagnostic centers, optical and dental clinics for their business expansion / upgrade, purchase of equipment as well as for meet their cash flow needs.


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