“The first time” with Wolfgang Puck


Chef Wolfgang Puck spoke about his many culinary achievements and shared stories about Pink Floyd and The simpsons, on the last payment of Rolling stone‘s “The first time”.

Puck – which is the subject of the new Disney + documentary, Wolfgang, released on June 25 – has been one of the world’s best-known chefs for decades, although he still finds the term “celebrity chef” absurd. “You’re not saying that someone who is a good tailor is a ‘celebrity tailor’,” he joked. “You don’t say he’s a ‘celebrity creator’. I think this “famous chef”, I don’t know who coined that word, but it’s still stuck to me and other people. “

Throughout the video, Puck recounted his various culinary adventures: he recalled a life-changing meal at Baumanière, a restaurant in the south of France, where he later found work; drinking glasses with Orson Welles and Jack Lemmon at Ma Maison, then leaving to found his own restaurant Spago; and how he came up with his singular smoked salmon pizza.

Puck also told an incredible story about one of his biggest misadventures, which happened after fleeing New York City for greener pastures in the mid-1970s. “I didn’t like New York too much. , then a friend of mine who owned La Grenouille restaurant got me a job in Indianapolis, ”Puck ​​said. “I was so excited because I lived in Monaco and there is the famous Formula 1 race there, and I think the Indianapolis 500 at that time was even more famous. So I said, ‘I want to go to Indianapolis, because it’s going to be like Monaco!’ (Needless to say, when he got to Indianapolis, he discovered it looked nothing like Monaco.)

Puck also shared a few non-food trivia, including the time he made an appearance on The simpsons and how surprised his sons were when he appeared on the show. He also mentioned his first concert, seeing Pink Floyd at the Marseille football stadium. “I was hypnotized!” Puck remembers. “I was pretty close to the speakers… it was an amazing experience, and I’m a Pink Floyd fan even today. I have it in my car, I play it in my restaurants. It was the first experience and it lasted.


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