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Are these the best tech stocks to buy today?

While the stock market as a whole today appears to be in decline, investors may consider technological actions. After all, investors focused on renewing pandemic-related restrictions around the world now appear to be pushing markets down. With the increase in coronavirus cases around the world, it would make sense for the winners of the pandemic to be in the spotlight again. As a result, this would be where the tech industry and tech stocks would come in. Throughout the early stages of the pandemic, tech companies such as Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) and CrowdStrike (NASDAQ: CRWD) flourished. This is understandable given the sudden increase in demand for their offerings as organizations focus on digital acceleration.

Notably, Ricky Kapur, Zoom’s Asia Pacific operations manager, recently said: “The numbers tell us that customers are still investing and continuing to invest in Zoom after the pandemic.” Overall, Kapur sees a continued evolution towards hybrid work environments, regardless of the current pandemic conditions.

At the same time, mainstream tech companies like AT&T (NYSE: T) also continue to attract the attention of investors. Earlier today, Barclays analyst Kannan Venkateshwar downgraded T stock from neutral to overweight. Moreover, the analyst also hit it with a price target of $ 30. Venkateshwar cites AT & T’s position amid increasingly relevant wireless trends among other catalysts as potential growth factors in 2022. Overall, tech companies have and continue to make waves in the world. stock Exchange. Could the current stock declines present good buying opportunities for investors now?

The best tech stocks to buy [Or Sell] This week

Oracle Corporation

First, we will look at the Oracle Corporation. For the uninitiated, Oracle is a multinational computer technology company. Namely, it is among the largest software companies in the world by revenue and market capitalization. If pandemic conditions continue to worsen around the world, demand for Oracle’s offerings could increase accordingly. This could be the case given Oracle’s comprehensive suite of secure applications and stand-alone infrastructure solutions. Now, with ORCL stock currently up more than 45% year-to-date, investors may wonder if the company’s shares have more leeway.

Overall, Oracle doesn’t seem to be slowing down operationally any time soon. Effective today, the company acquires a health technology business To encircle (NASDAQ: CERN). At present, current estimates point to a $ 30 billion deal between the two companies. The all-cash deal values ​​Cerner at around $ 95 per share. In theory, Oracle is significantly boosting the healthcare-related capabilities of its cloud services through this deal. Given the massive reach and current relevance of Cerner’s medical records technical services, this would be a win for Oracle. Having said that, will you soon be adding ORCL stocks to your portfolio?

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Upstart Inc.

then, we have Reached, a tech company that has an artificial intelligence (AI) lending platform for banks and credit unions to provide consumer loans using non-traditional variables such as education and lending. job to predict creditworthiness. To emphasize, Upstart-powered banks and credit unions can have higher approval rates and lower loss rates, while simultaneously delivering a great digital lending experience. Impressively, UPST stock has risen by over 220% in the past year alone. On December 9, 2021, the company reported news that may have caught the attention of investors.

Diving in, the company says that together with the National Bankers Association (NBA), it has formed a partnership to improve access to affordable credit for clients of minority-owned depository institutions (MDIs) through a unique agreement. use of the company’s AI lending platform.

Through this partnership, Upstart will provide MDIs with advanced digital lending technology and the ability to deliver smaller personal loans cost-effectively to their communities. Smaller loan amounts can help borrowers recover from short-term setbacks. This would help them avoid paying exorbitant interest rates from payday lenders which can quickly turn into debt cycles. The company also claims that access to advanced and innovative technologies will not only help its member banks meet the needs of the community, but also be more competitive as all banking operations become increasingly digital. Given this news, will you consider investing in UPST stock?

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Palantir Technologies Inc.

Following this we have Palantir Technologies, a software company specializing in big data analysis. The company delivers everything from data integration to applications that fuel decision-making in hours. It does this through its Foundry platform. Palantir customers can choose specific Foundry modules that meet their needs. Additionally, the company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of five offerings approved for mission critical national security systems by the US Department of Defense.

Today, the company announced that Dewpoint Therapeutics will team up to have its Foundry platform to help fuel Dewpoint’s efforts to discover cures and cures for the most difficult diseases. The platform will allow Dewpoint researchers to better understand the biology of condensate by analyzing laboratory data as well as other data sources. This would include data from published literature and databases to identify new compounds and therapeutic approaches. Dewpoint will also use Foundry as the primary platform for its centralized knowledge repository. The multi-year agreement marks one of Palantir’s most comprehensive partnerships with a biotech company. With this news, is PLTR stock a top tech stock to buy right now?

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Amazon is a multinational technology company with one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Its Amazon Web Services (AWS) are one of the most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud offerings in the world. In fact, AWS has extended its services to support virtually any cloud workload and now has over 200 full services. This would cover IT, databases, analytics, machine learning, and AI, among others.

Last week, the company announced the launch of AWS in the Asia-Pacific region of Indonesia. The company says businesses as well as government, education and organizations will be able to run their applications and serve end users from data centers located in Indonesia, leveraging advanced AWS technologies to drive innovation. AWS also released an economic impact study estimating that the company’s spending on building and operating the new AWS Asia-Pacific (Jakarta) region will create 24,700 direct and indirect jobs with a planned investment of approximately $ 5 billion in the local economy. Considering this news, would you buy AMZN shares?

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