[Premiere] Kelela – Waitin (Riddim White Rose)

Thomas Borgogni

After more than 3 years of existence, Oh Radio seeks to consolidate its links with the community and the artists it brings together by creating its own label: Olga Productions. Olga’s objective is to become a platform for the dissemination of artists from Marseille, France and beyond, while having the general objective of pushing back the geographical and sound boundaries of electronic music. From February 11, Olga Productions will release a series of compilations exploring major societal issues.

disintegrationtheir first compilation, explores a major problem, namely that of disintegration by asking the following question: “What will be left when current systems collapse, cycles disintegrate and the landscapes we know disappear?”.

The artists present on the compilation offer 10 musical narratives as potential answers or interpretations of other possible worlds.

DELITEMENT offers a sonic experience of a person discovering these latest new realities. He discovers a world in panic, where a system in decomposition out of breath meets the brutalist relics of an overwhelmed society, where festive nihilism and exacerbated digitization rub shoulders. Nature has reclaimed its rights over a dark and putrid world – a world marked by creative destruction where imminent danger is synonymous with a world where everything has to be rebuilt.

Musically, this results in the meeting of oversaturated guitars, hyper-pop explosions, incisive glitches, self-tuned melodies and organic ambient textures.

Listen to Kelela – Waitin (whiterose Riddim):


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