Oracle opens a second cloud region in France

AUSTIN, TX and COLOMBES, France, June 20, 2022 — Oracle announced the opening of a second cloud region in France provide public cloud services to help businesses modernize their operations. In addition to the Oracle Cloud Marseille region, the new La Courneuve, Paris region will give Oracle’s European customers and partners access to a broad portfolio of cloud services with built-in security, disaster recovery, and value-for-money. industry-leading pricing. Oracle’s unique two-region cloud strategy enables French customers to deploy resilient applications in multiple geographic locations within the country.

“Organizations have taken a critical step in how they deploy data for strategic planning and operations,” said Christophe Negrier, CEO of Oracle France. “Oracle is helping customers implement their cloud-first strategy to grow faster, become more sustainable, and strengthen their security posture with Oracle’s two cloud regions in France and 38 cloud regions globally.

The new Paris region expands Oracle Cloud’s extensive European presence, which already includes more than 10 cloud regions with Marseilles, Frankfurt, LondonZürich, amsterdam, Milano, stockholmand Newport (Wales) are already living, and the Madrid region is expected to go live this year. All Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services are available in the Oracle Cloud Paris region to meet regulatory compliance requirements, especially critical in the banking and public sector. Available services include Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

Sustainable cloud operations to run businesses cost-effectively with lower power consumption
Multiple Oracle Cloud regions, including regions in North America, South Americaand – with Paris – nine regions in Europe, are 100% powered by renewable energy. Oracle is committed to sustainability and has committed to powering all Oracle Cloud regions worldwide (and its offices) with 100% renewable energy by 2025. All Oracle Cloud regions already use state-of-the-art power management and cooling technologies to minimize their impact on the environment. As part of its clean cloud renewable energy initiative, Oracle reused or recycled 99.6% of its obsolete hardware in FY21 while strictly adhering to Oracle’s privacy and data security practices. Oracle.

The multi-cloud opportunity to get best-in-class cloud technology
OCI’s extensive network of more than 70 regional and global FastConnect partners provides customers with dedicated connectivity to Oracle cloud regions and OCI services, giving them the best options globally. FastConnect is an easy, flexible, and cost-effective way to create a dedicated private network connection with higher bandwidth, lower latency, and more consistent performance than public Internet connections. Partners available at launch for the Oracle Cloud Paris region are Orange, Colt, and Equinix.

Additionally, Oracle and Microsoft have established a strategic partnership that enables joint customers to run workloads on OCI and Microsoft Azure. The partnership provides low-latency cross-cloud interconnection between OCI and Azure in 11 regions (Ashburn, Toronto, London, amsterdam, Tokyo, San Jose, PhoenixVinhedo, Seoul, Singaporeand Frankfurt), a federated identity for joint customers deploying applications in both clouds, and a collaborative support model. This enables customers to run full applications in a multi-cloud configuration, while maintaining high performance connectivity that does not require any other architecture. Customers can also migrate existing applications or develop cloud-native applications that use a combination of OCI and Azure services.

Oracle Cloud’s Expanding Global Footprint
As part of Oracle’s planned expansion of its cloud region footprint to meet strong customer demand for Oracle Cloud services worldwide, Oracle will open additional cloud regions in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chileand Israeland plans to offer at least 44 cloud regions by the end of 2022.

Oracle Cloud regions currently available:

  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo (Japan), Osaka (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Chuncheon(South Korea), Bombay (India), Hyderabad (India), sydney (Australia), melbourne (Australia), Singapore (Singapore)
  • Americas: San Jose (United States), Phoenix (United States), Ashburn (United States), Toronto (Canada), Montreal (Canada), Sao Paolo (Brazil)Vinhedo (Brazil), santiago (Chile)
  • Europe: Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK), Newport, Wales (UK)), Zürich (Swiss), amsterdam (The Netherlands), Marseilles (France), stockholm (Sweden), Milano (Italy), The Courneuve, Paris, France)
  • Middle East: Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Abu Dhabi and dubai (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES), Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Africa: Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • Government: Two general U.S. government regions and U.S. national security regions, three U.S. Department of Defense-specific government regions, two in the UK (London and Newport, Wales)

About Oracle
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