OnlyFans says ban on sexually explicit content was “necessary” to secure “banking services”

OnlyFans said it has banned “sexually explicit” content due to concerns about securing “banking and payment services” for users.

The website, which allows people to subscribe to individual creators, has long been a hub for sex workers to connect directly with their fans and earn income by sharing personal content.

However, OnlyFans confirmed last week that it will ban “sexually explicit” content from October. Its new terms of service allow creators to share certain nude images, but videos and photos showing sex and masturbation will be banned.

In a statement shared on Twitter on Saturday, August 21, OnlyFans said it was working to find a solution for disenfranchised sex workers – many of whom are at risk of losing their earnings.

“Dear sex workers, the OnlyFans community wouldn’t be what it is today without you,” read a tweet posted on the company’s Twitter account.

“The policy change was necessary to secure banking and payment services to support you. We are working tirelessly to find solutions. “

The statement appears to confirm speculation that OnlyFans’ decision was prompted, at least in part, by issues with financial institutions and outward investment.

While the company has generated more than $ 3 billion in revenue for creators, banks have been put off by the plethora of sexual content on its website, sources said. Axes.

Only fans accused of “abandoning” sex workers

More than 7,000 people had responded to OnlyFans’ tweet at the time of writing, with many responding criticizing the company’s response.

“You have NEVER promoted us, only random fitness instructors and celebrities,” an OnlyFans user wrote, adding that the company had “abandoned” the sex workers. “WE brought the traffic. And you kicked us to the sidewalk instead of defending against payment services. “

Another added: “You never once recognized that we existed. You tried to get away from us. You don’t support us. These changes don’t help us if we can do our job there.

Under its new terms of use, OnlyFans will prohibit “real or simulated sex, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital or oral-anal, between persons of any sex.”

It will also ban “real or simulated masturbation” and “extreme or offensive” representations of a person’s genitals or anus.

Notably, the platform will also prohibit users from showing “real or simulated material representing bodily fluids commonly secreted during sexual behavior”.

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