Mick Mulvaney took charge of the CFPB, an office he wanted to kill.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the federal regulatory body charged with monitoring the predatory behavior of banks, payday lenders, student loan services and all kinds of other financial institutions that are used to scamming customers. .

Mick Mulvaney is the deeply conservative and rhetorically inept former South Carolina congressman who is now Donald Trump’s budget manager. You may remember him when he told reporters that meals on wheels “does not work. “Or his relentless attempts to redefine the word compassion mean cutting programs that help the elderly. In general, he is not a follower of regulations or regulators, and especially not of the CFPB. “I don’t like the fact that CFPB exists, I will be perfectly honest with you”, Mulvaney said once during a House committee hearing. He also has co-sponsored a bill to eliminate the office.

And now it looks like he’ll have the opportunity to weaken it from within. According to CBS News, President Trump is preparing to appoint Mulvaney as interim director of the CFPB. He will replace current director Richard Cordray, who is to resign at the end of the month, possibly to run for governor in Ohio. The official announcement could arrive “as early as Friday”.

Leaving the CFPB in the hands of a man who would like to get rid of it obviously does not bode well for the future of the office. Mulvaney’s appointment may only be temporary, but he will likely begin the process of substantially weakening the agency. This move is also, of course, very Trumpian – akin to handing over to oil shill tanker Scott Pruitt the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency or handing over to Rick Perry as head of the Department of Energy after calling for his disappearance. It is one more step in the destruction of the administrative state by appointments. His effrontery would make you laugh if you weren’t crying already.

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