Matt Damon cries during standing ovation for ‘Stillwater’ in Cannes


The Cambridge native said he was “a bit overwhelmed” with the response.

Matt Damon attends the “Stillwater” press conference during the 74th Cannes Film Festival on July 9, 2021 in Cannes, France. Photo by Kate Green / Getty Images

Matt Damon had his eyes fogged at the Cannes Film Festival after the Thursday premiere of his upcoming film “Stillwater”.

The film, directed by Tom McCarthy (“Spotlight”), received a five-minute standing ovation as the credits roll. When the camera landed on Damon, the Cambridge native seemed caught up in the emotion of the moment.

During a question-and-answer session with the assembled press on Friday, Damon revealed what had caused him to shed tears at the time.

“I was a bit overwhelmed last night, and I’m really glad we’re here this year,” said Damon, by the Hollywood Reporter. “Because I think we’re all going to look back and remember that COVID launch moment – and what a way to do it. “

“Being in the same room with 1,000 other people who are strangers but also part of the same community because we all love the same thing – it was such a great reminder of why we are doing this,” Damon added. , according to the publication. “To be together like this!

“Stillwater” stars Damon as Bill Baker, an “oil rig thug” from Stillwater, Oklahoma, who must travel to Marseille, France in order to free his daughter Allison (Abigail Breslin, “Little Miss Sunshine “) from prison. for a murder she says she didn’t commit.

When exonerating Allison is not an easy task, Bill decides to leave America and start his life over in Marseille. There, he gets closer to a Frenchwoman (Camille Cottin, “Allied”) and her young daughter, while keeping a particular emphasis on the release of Allison.

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While a five-minute standing ovation in Cannes is surprisingly not so unusual, the positive response again led points of sale like Variety to start speculating that Damon could be in the running for his fourth Oscar nomination. Damon has previously been nominated for his performances in “The Martian”, “Invictus” and “Good Will Hunting”, but his only Oscar win so far is for the screenplay for “Good Will Hunting”.

“Stillwater” will be released nationwide on July 30.

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