Mallorcan culture: bar school

In the 1988 movie “Cocktail”, Tom Cruise showed off his cocktail-making skills, which helped bartenders around the world a boost of credibility and a new challenge.

Bar schools have sprung up all over the place and European Bartender School in the Carrer Joan Maragall in Palma is doing a roaring trade.

It is part of a franchise network with centers in 15 countries and every year it attracts young people from all over Europe eager to hone their cocktail-making skills.

Owner of the European Bartender School, Mimi left France for Mallorca in March 2019 and worked as an instructor in Calvia before opening her own school last July.

“In addition to training future professionals we want to develop and share the bartending industry, “she says.” Mallorca is a fantastic place, with amazing people and great distilleries. “

“Smile!” Shake it! Smile! ”One of the teachers shouts as the students shake their shakers as the music plays at full blast, which apparently helps them get used to the hectic pace of nightclubs.

The course lasts one month and during this time the students learn to do more than 60 cocktails.

“That’s enough, I don’t think we can put them all on the menu,” says Samuel Muzo, who belongs to the family. Bar Ramon in Puerto d’Alcudia. “More and more people are asking for cocktails and we want to provide professional service.

Each morning the students learn the theory and the measurements, ingredients and secrets of each drink, then they are divided into groups and this is where the fun begins.

They learn to juggle bottles, stirrers and other utensils and bottles crash on the floor time and time again, but I hope the practice makes it perfect!

They also practice free casting the exact amount of each drink without measuring tools.

Then they have to do the 6 cocktails they learned that morning.

The students stay in an apartment in Calle de l’Argenteria in the center of the city and on weekends they visit tourist attractions and some of Palma’s many bars, for research purposes of course!

“I wanted to go to Pukhet, but it was closed because of the pandemic,” explains the Danish Camila Dirks.People have said good things about Mallorca, so I decided to come here instead. I learn a lot and it’s a job that allows me to travel all over the world.

“My goal is to open a bar in Switzerland and I want to learn the basics of making cocktails because I think it’s a booming business,” explains Arthur Morand who is Swiss.

“I work in an ice cream parlor and I really want to do something different”, adds Noelia.

“I love the people, the party atmosphere and the nightlife and would love to work in this company in the future”, explains Barce Séverin, who is a carpenter from Marseille.

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