Loewe: Hedonism Funky Rave Party


Unlimited club culture in Loewe. The main inspiration for this season were the funky and naive paintings of sexual liberation by German artist Florian Kruwer.

Loewe Spring / Summer 2022 Collection-David Sims

Club culture, from disco ball gowns to mini cocktails and psychedelic trumpet floats. Shirtless dancer with raster hair who was the real star of Loewe’s latest fashion film, Spain’s most famous luxury brand, including top notch. Even Anderson’s elephant bag for Loewe was treated with trumpet beads.

Her cast appeared in a four-minute video wearing an oversized three-layer acid-etched basketball tank top or a giant satin bow top, mostly for models who look masculine but slightly genderless. Announced on Saturday as part of Paris Fashion Week for Men, it will be visible to all on its platform.

A show video featuring an abstract version of Loewe’s sweet gothic logo found on loosely woven knits and light pink chiffon tops. Worn over a long multi-ply skirt and stunning green acrylic rope pants.

“A goofy beauty at an optimistic stage,” Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson explained in a video.

Loewe Spring / Summer 2022 Collection-David Sims

Anderson, the leader of the show-in-the-box pandemic movement as a whole, has sent publishers two books instead of one this season. And in the process has changed the choice of his photographer. After working closely with Juergen Teller on his signature brand, JW Anderson, he teamed up with David Sims of Loewe.

As a result, we were able to realize a younger and more luxurious take on Sims, one of the masters of fashion photography. The images of Sims, the cool club kids in the basement, adorned with posters, were extremely lively. The cast found in Marseille came up with several new underground dance moves that could be kept under wraps.

It has some attractive romantic graphics, but probably a bit too many pink tops with cotton ribs. And I had to love the wacky Materase Moon ankle boots. Neon logo trench coats and matching backpacks – all crew color mixes – metallic plums or electric shamrocks.

In addition, designers have introduced a new material, cactus leather, which reflects light like liquid metal.

“I wanted something that wasn’t tied to universal gender boundaries,” Anderson explained in her latest video tutorial.

And in the video, he canned a collection of hedonism in saturated colors.

Loewe Spring / Summer 2022 Collection

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