Letter to the editor: anti-vaccines keep getting infected, others


Richard Owen / Woodland

Jim Tejeka is the latest anti-vaxxer to complain about how he is discriminated against because he chose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 (June 30 letter to editor of The Reflector). We heard similar arguments years ago from smokers, who complained about new “discriminatory” restrictions, which violated their constitutional rights (ultimately, to kill themselves and others). I’m so glad Tejeka had negative COVID tests, but what does he say about the 604,000 American dead and the millions more who suffered but ultimately (for the most part) recovered?

He claimed the danger of COVID was diminishing without acknowledging that there was a current resurgence of the delta variant, which appears to be more deadly and more transmissible than the original strain. Infections and deaths are increasing in pockets of our country (and certainly in other parts of the world), where vaccination rates are low, and the overwhelming majority of these infections are in people who have not been vaccinated. . Unfortunately, we will be exposed to delta and other life-threatening emerging variants unless we can develop herd immunity, but this requires a vaccination rate of around 80%. We are currently less than 50 percent fully immunized, mainly thanks to Tejeka and her cohorts.

He made an absurd statement that dictators demand that we be vaccinated. Of course, there is no such requirement, only common sense and decency. Remarkably, he attempted to equate the thalidomide tragedy of the 1960s with the safety of COVID vaccines, however, this drug was never approved by the FDA, nor did it undergo the COVID style of testing and testing. rigorous analyzes by numerous research studies involving tens of thousands of volunteers and patients. He took issue with the 90-95% effectiveness of COVID vaccines and seemed unaware that such a high level is extraordinary. 50 percent efficacy of the vaccine is considered good enough to be approved by the FDA.

Tejeka’s attitude and actions are selfish and reckless at best. At worst, he and his like-minded anti-vaccines continue to infect and infect others, perpetuating suffering and death for those vulnerable to the disease. He has the audacity to equate the mantra “we’re all in the same boat” to how, in a democratic society, we all have the freedom to choose whether or not to receive the vaccine. It would be great if we could together defeat this terrible pandemic by protecting ourselves and our families by receiving the vaccine. I wonder how his attitude could change if he or a member of his family were infected because of his pathetic, misguided and dangerous mission.

Finally, I encourage Tejeka and other anti-vaccines to review the pandemic resolution literature, get a clue, and open their eyes, once they remove their heads from their buttocks.


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