Karine Ceyhan to be the Armenian premiere of Bravo TV’s new show ‘Top Chef Amateurs’ – Public Radio of Armenia

Chef Karine Ceyhan of Altadena, Calif. Expected to be Bravo’s first Armenian The best amateur cooks, a new show where home cooks are thrown into Top Chef’s kitchen alongside All-Star Alumni, Zartonk Media reports.

The new Bravo series The best amateur cooks, which debuted with two consecutive episodes on Thursday, July 1 at 9 / 8c, immediately following the Bravo’s Top Chef season 18 finale in Portland.

Karine is a surgical sales consultant during the day, mother of two and passionate about cooking at home in the evening and on weekends. She seized the opportunity to join the cast of Top Chef at the height of the pandemic. Ceyhan said, “Follow your dreams and your passions! It’s never too late. “

“I have always found a fascination with my rich Armenian culture and food. It has always been a gateway for me to connect and get to know my late father Sahnur Ceyhan who loved to cook traditional hot dishes and share them with his loved ones. He was born in the former Western Armenia (Sivas-Zara) but spent his final years in Marseille, France. I am delighted to use this platform to present the ancient Armenian culture to the world while adding my unique French touch. Like my dad, I can’t wait to share my meals with the world. I believe that life without passion is not life at all. So live and savor…. It’s the ultimate love, ”Karine Ceyhan told Zartonk Media.

Hosted by longtime Top Chef judge Gail Simmons, The best amateur cooks will feature home cooks from all walks of life – from former CIA employees to those currently serving lunch in the school cafeteria. In each 30-minute episode, two amateur chefs will compete against each other to put their cooking skills to the test in fan-favorite challenges already seen on Top Chef, like creating a dish inspired by one of the Seven Deadly Sins, The Race setting up and the blind tasting test.

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