It is the latest generation convenience store according to Monop ‘

Monop ‘, Casino GroupThe proximity formula of, has opened a state-of-the-art “phygital” city store in Paris: it combines sustainability, catering, e-commerce and remarkable services with an uninhabited space that remains open 24/7.

Bulk products

The 250 m² store reopened on Wednesday in the rue de Marseille in the tenth district of the French capital. This latest generation Monop ‘aims to become a real neighborhood hotspot and takes on a complementary role to e-commerce and fast delivery services that are emerging in cities. This is why the concept is distinguished not only by a surprising assortment but also by a remarkable range of services.

At the entrance, there is a food counter where passers-by can buy coffee, lunch, sandwiches, waffles, crisps, churros and nuggets, prepared on site. Further on, buyers will find a wide range of fresh products with local and seasonal products, cheese and cold meats, fresh bread, cut flowers … In the food range, private labels represent 40% of the offer. Many products are offered in bulk: this is the case of animal feed, ecological cleaning products, beer, pulses, Carambar and M & M’s candies, and organic dairy products from Les 2 Vaches.

Unmanned Zone

The store also serves as a collection point for online orders and has an unguarded area of ​​30 m² which remains open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Customers can access this remote-controlled store with their bank card and can then choose from an assortment of 300 references. An ingenious weighing system automatically identifies the products. Buyers can then validate the receipt at a kiosk and pay. Casino has already tested this technology last year in a ‘Black Box’ at Monoprix headquarters and is presenting the concept for the first time in stores.

This Monop ‘also wishes to play a social role in the neighborhood and is joining forces with the crowdsourcing platform Ulule to support local associations. Ecotextile collects old clothes, Linkee fights against food waste by recovering almost expired products and donating them to charities. Very noteworthy is a free loan service called “My name is come back“: customers can come and borrow a raclette machine, a printer or even an electric guitar for 48 hours. Finally, it is also the first Monop ‘with its own Instagram account, which aims to liven up the life of district.

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