Isco and Marcelo are still waiting to find a new club

For Isco and Marcelo, the immediate future remains up in the air. Both players have spent the summer waiting for an offer that lives up to their expectations but so far none have arrived. We are almost at the end of the first week of August and both players are still without a club., with their future up in the air and trying to maintain a sense of calm while they wait. Both agree on one point: their priority is to continue in elite football. This is a key detail – offers from ‘minor’ leagues such as the Qatari Stars League or MLS were practically the first to arrive – but not reciprocated. Both have proposals on the table, but they remain unsigned. Because both are still waiting for something better to happen, but so far nothing has happened.


He has fewer offers than his former teammate but has been closer to finding a new club. He seemed determined to move Sevillefueled by the enthusiastic appreciation of coach Julen Lopetegui, who said so a few weeks ago. “I’m not going to hide it, as a player I absolutely love him – he’s very competitive and, on top of that, a great person. We’ll see what happens”. The big downside though is that the sports director Monchi has very different ideas for the Sevilla project. It favors young players which can provide sporting and economic benefits. On the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Isco is on everyone’s lips as Betis had also marked it on their agenda and, in fact, made a prior agreement with the player in case they qualified for Champions League. But that didn’t happen.

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Isco, during a concentration.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELADIARIO AS

The firmest offer he has received is that of Rome. As AS reported, Mourinho he himself contacted him to personally convey to him all the interest he had in seeing their paths cross again. The problem? Roma did not qualify for the Champions League. And isco is clear that he wants to play in the best European competition, because he feels that is his level. Moreover, if he has a chance to return for Spain and make Luis Enrique’s squad for this year’s World Cup, he will need to play regularly in the top flight. Roma’s bulky offer was turned down by the player. Since becoming a free agent, Isco shares his grueling training sessions on social media – workouts he undertakes on his own. He is determined to be 100% from day one, wherever he ends up next. The problem is that, so far, nothing has materialized.


The same can be said of The former captain of Real Madrid, whose future remains uncertain. On his social media accounts, there have been no daily records of his training regimen or what he does to maintain his fitness while his future is decided. He hasn’t run out of offers, but he insists he doesn’t want to give up elite football. This rules out one of the best offers – if not the best, of Qatar. Marcello believes that now is not the time to move to a lower league; he believes he can compete at the highest level. Another firm proposal came from his compatriot, Ronaldo Nazariocurrent owner of Real Valladolid. The proximity of the José Zorrilla to Madrid (two hours away) was a plus, because Marcello is also clear that he does not want to move his family from his home. His son plays for Madrid’s youth teams and the others live, very settled, in the capital.

Marcelo and Clarice Alves, his wife, at the farewell dinner he hosted in Madrid.

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Marcelo and Clarice Alves, his wife, at the farewell dinner he hosted in Madrid.EDUARDO CANDEL REVIEJODiario AS

That doesn’t completely rule out a move elsewhere, but it does influence every offer he gets from outside. But if it is realistic to play in the Champions League, he will have to leave Spain. It’s a difficult dilemma for the Brazilian full-back. AC Milan presented their proposal a few weeks ago, as did Olympic Marseille. Turkey has also shown interest in clubs like Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor. In Spain, Getafe explored the possibility of signing him – which would allow him to continue living in Madrid with his family, but that would be saying goodbye to Europe. August is moving along at a breakneck pace and the future of both players has yet to be settled. Where will they play next season? Marcelo and Isco remain on standby – unsure of what the future holds.

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