Interxion: A Digital Realty Company, to provide a submarine cable gateway to Europe


Interxion: A Digital Realty Company and Europe’s leading provider of carrier and cloud neutral colocation data center solutions, has signed an agreement with PCCW GLOBAL to locate termination and interconnection equipment for the submarine cable system Connection Center in Europe (PEACE) in Pakistan and Africa MRS2 Data Center in Marseille, France. The collaboration will provide low-latency access to more than 160 connectivity providers as well as multiple content, cloud, gaming and video streaming platforms.

The 15,000 km PEACE high-speed submarine cable system will provide high-capacity, low-latency routes connecting China, Europe and Africa. In addition to France, the cable will land in Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, Djibouti, Kenya, Pakistan and other countries and regions with terrestrial connectivity to China.

The PEACE cable will be the 15th submarine cable system to land in Marseille, further enhancing the value of network hubs deployed on PlatformDIGITAL, Digital Realty’s global infrastructure solution, in the region, as businesses seek greater high resilience and performance to interconnect global workflows. This collaboration represents a strategic expansion of PlatformDIGITAL and Console Connect, PCCW Global’s software-defined interconnect platform. Both platforms enable new and existing customers to deploy and manage hybrid IT services quickly and efficiently.

Console Connect is available to Interxion customers on MRS1, MRS2 and MRS3, providing them instant access to a global ecosystem of cloud, SaaS, UcaaS, IX and IoT partners, as well as extended coverage to more than 400 data centers in 47 countries of the world. . Interxion customers in Marseille can also access Console Connect’s new on-demand Internet service, which provides high-performance on-demand Internet access over PCCW Global’s first Tier 1 IP network.

The Interxion Marseille campus is one of the world’s leading digital hubs for intercontinental data traffic with a thriving community of numerous connectivity, digital media and cloud segment providers as well as local and global businesses, providing clients have a solid foundation to execute their digital transformation strategies and scale globally.

“Interxion’s fluid interconnection environment in Marseille enables the PEACE submarine cable to effectively meet the needs of the campus’s vibrant community of interest, while extending the reach of the system to additional markets such as Frankfurt and Paris, ”said Sameh Sobhy, Managing Director, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at PCCW Global.

“The selection of the right data center in Europe for the interconnection of the PEACE submarine cable is an essential element in ensuring the commercial success of the project. We know that with Interxion, we made the right strategic decision, ”said Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE Cable International Network Co.

The PEACE system will provide the most direct and highest capacity route from Asia to Europe. These features, combined with exceptionally low latency, are vitally important for a wide range of commercial and consumer applications. Additionally, PEACE deploys a state-of-the-art “system within a system” configuration that gives each party the flexibility to design their own subsystem with reconfigurable bandwidth for different points over the life of the cable.

“This collaboration with PEACE and PCCW Global not only solidifies Marseille’s future as an intercontinental hub with access to state-of-the-art communications services, but also enables Interxion’s global customer base to access new markets. and to connect their customers who are often geographically dispersed. infrastructure in close proximity to the community connected via PlatformDIGITAL, ”said Mike Hollands, Senior Director of Market Development at Interxion.

“The PEACE cable is well positioned to respond to the growing exchange of data and video traffic between Europe, Africa and Asia, enabling businesses to expand their global workflows and run effectively their digital transformation strategies. ”

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