Harris crystallizes Trump’s point of view on women: they are “bad” or housewives.

In the hours since Kamala harris joined the Democratic presidential ticket, President Trump responded by sorting women into two categories: good “suburban housewife”He thinks they’ll vote for him, and the mean women who haven’t shown him or his political allies enough respect.

After Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced on Tuesday that Mrs. Harris would be his running mateMr. Trump wasted no time in classifying her in the camp of the “bad guys,” a category also occupied by the last woman to run against him on a Democratic ticket.

“She was extraordinarily mean to Brett Kavanaugh – Judge Kavanaugh at the time, now Judge Kavanaugh,” Mr Trump said of Ms Harris, using “bad” or some version of the word no less than four times when ‘He was referring to the Senate confirmation hearings held. in 2018.

Wednesday morning, after her Fox News allies spent the evening comparing Ms. Harris, who is of Jamaican and Indian descent, to unethical “timeshare sellers” and “payday lenders“, Mr. Trump shouted that the American “suburban” housewife “- a label used by the president to play white racist fears about the neighborhood integration efforts – would be on his side in November.

“They want safety,” Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter, adding that they “are delighted that I have ended the long-running program where low-cost housing is invading their neighborhood.” referring to the Obama era effort that encouraged the diversification of American communities.

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