Green light for floating wind turbines in the Gulf of Lion

“This is the third generation of floats from Principle Power Inc. – the third generation of floats – following the WindFloat Atlantic (2MW) commissioned ten years ago and the WindFloat Atlantic (25MW) two years ago – EFGL float design includes significant improvements and is now the most advanced float technology and is ready for large-scale commercial deployment“, explains Grzegorz Gorski. Chief operator of Ocean Winds, he calls it “a technological benchmark for the entire floating wind industry.“Emmanuel Legrand, director of energy and ecological transition at the Banque des Territoires, confirms this: “The DFI opens the door to the deployment of innovative technology that could play a significant role in meeting national renewable energy production targets.”

Its promoters even describe this project as “a major step for the development of floating wind power in France”. No floating wind turbine is yet installed on the four French coasts. And this despite several applications selected following a call for projects launched by Ademe (Agency for the environment and energy management) in 2015 (see box below) and twelve projects expected by 2030.

France currently only has the 2 MW Floatgen demonstrator from École Centrale de Nantes off Le Croisic since 2017, designed by BW-ideol in La Ciotat, and the small-scale (1/10th) Eolink demonstrator developing 200 kW , since 2018, on the Ifremer experimental site in Sainte-Anne-du-Portzic.

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