French prime minister called Scott Morrison a liar and he can start again in Marseille


In what somehow becomes even more embarrassing as each passing moment passes, the biff between France and Australia on submarines has now evolved to the point where the Prime Minister of France Emmanuel Macron call outright Scott Morrison a liar. And he’s uh… you know… probably not wrong.

Morrison and Macron disagree over an underwater deal between the two nations – reached under the watchful eye of the then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull – which Morrison casually tore up in favor of a nuclear submarine deal between Australia, UK and US. A decision of which he may or may not have failed to inform Macron in advance. As we do.

The meetings between the two at the G20 summit in Rome were freezing, to put it mildly. But Macron opened things up earlier today (Australian time) by categorically accusing Morrison of lying to him.

In a quick confrontation with SMH reporter Bevan Shields, Macron was asked if we thought Morrison had lied to him.

His answer ?

“I don’t think so, I know.”

In a subsequent questioning of our own prime minister, Morrison replied that he did not “agree with” Macron’s assertions, that he did not “accept” them, but that he nevertheless did. heroically dodged the direct question.

When asked if Morrison had directly informed Macron that he was considering exercising an exit clause in the submarine contract, the Prime Minister replied: “I was very clear that the sub- conventional sailors were not going to be able to respond to our a decision in our national interest.

When it was pointed out that this was not the question that was asked, Morrison simply replied, “But this is my answer.”

Morrison’s time at the G20 has not been so pleasant. The confrontations with Macron distracted attention from the carefully crafted message the prime minister hoped to convey, and his interactions with other world leaders presented him less as a man of global significance, and more as the last choice in the world. project desperately waiting for its name to be. called.

Real friendless loser shit, that. Embarrassing stuff.

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