Finance professor honored for work bridging academia and business

A dual career in academia and banking has been at the heart of the achievements that have earned Lebanese economist Salim Chahine the prestigious Kuwait Prize in the field of economic and social sciences. The award is one of five recently announced by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science in Various Fields.

Professor of finance at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut, Chahine is the founder and former executive director of AUB-Innovation Park and currently holds the post of third vice-governor of Banque du Liban, the bank Central Lebanon.

Chahine started his career as a financial analyst in the pipeline and petroleum industry in Europe. He then worked as a consultant for major European and Arab banks and financial institutions while launching a career in academia.

Holding both portfolios, he has helped build bridges between academia and business.

“Coming from industry and at the same time being an academic, I could help my students better define their career plans and facilitate their entry into the job market,” Chahine told Al-Fanar Media.

“It has also helped the corporate sector understand what is going on in academia and how they could manage their recruiting strategies while presenting their companies to students. “

Announcing the award last month, the Kuwait Foundation highlighted Chahine’s “outstanding research on topics related to finance and banking, including entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and corporate governance.”

Creation of an innovation park

After returning to Lebanon 17 years ago, Chahine joined the American University of Beirut as a professor of finance and director of the MBA program. He was Acting Dean of the Olayan School of Business for three years, during which time he founded AUB-Innovation Park, also known as I-Park, an achievement close to his heart.

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