Films made in Sardinia to see in the cinema at Christmas


6 films made in Sardinia to watch in the cinema at Christmas.

I Christmas movie It is now a tradition like the tree, the cradle and the banneton. The Gramsci Society of Sardinia in Turin, which has always had a privileged relationship Cinematography Made in Sardinia And the Association for the Promotion of Bolognese Film (Visioni da Ichnussa), not wanting to escape the anthill of shows flocking from everywhere, offered them a selection of Sardinian films to watch during the holidays.

Considering the stellar level the films have now reached, they easily located a few to offer Sardinia on the mainland. The group is clearly limited to films released in theaters at the end of the year and does not intend to produce any value arrangement.

It’s here top 6 Films not to be missed. Their classification is random, and therefore it does not correspond to the order of merit. Romantic, dramatic, comical, dreamy, busy, the choice is varied, there is something for everyone. Recommended titles: I giants By Bonifacio Angios Revolutionary Grazia Deledda By Cecilia Mangini and Paolo Pisanelli Let go of everything and open Chiringuito By Pietro Belfiore, David Bonacina, Andrea Fadente, Andrea Mazzarella and David Rossi still antenna Leonardo Costanzo the smell of myrtle Written by Christian Kanderan, luxury collection by Fabio Segatore

and giants by Bonifacio Angus

with Bonifacio Angios, Stefano Divino, Michele Manca, Riccardo Bombaghi, Stefano Manca. Dramatic genre, duration 80 ′

A meeting between old friends. House lost in a forgotten valley. Lots of memories, leadership and love stories from the bottomless pit. The film was included in the list of the best films of the year.

Revolutionary Grazia Deledda By Cecilia Mangini and Paolo Bisanelli – Docofilm 54 ′

A cinematographic journey to discover the world of the great Sardinian writer and screenwriter through unpublished documents and manuscripts.

The film premiered on May 30 at Nowru Within the ISREAL Festival and at the same time California, In the review promoted by IIC in San Francisco on the My Films platform. It was then subjected to Cagliari From ISRE Sardinia to IIC in Edinburgh and to IIC of Marseilles In collaboration with the Festival Films Femmes Méditerranée. Take part in Parma Film Festival 2021. It will be presented on December 14 in the urban center of spices And on December 15 at Solinas a Rome, 8 p.m. Troisie cinemaAnd Tribute to Cecilia Mangini, who died this year. December 17 will be in Perugia At the municipal cinema of Sant’Angelo as part of the 39th edition of the “Author’s first floor – Pianeta Donna Festival”

Let go of everything and open Chiringuito By Pietro Belfiore, David Bonacina, Andrea Fadente, Andrea Mazzarella and David Rossi

with Germano Lanzoni, Valerio Aero, Laura Locatelli, Leonardo Oslingo, Paolo Calabresi, Alessandro Petti, Stefano Manca, Benito Orgo, Simonetta Colombo, Claudio Bessio, Favig, Jake La Furia, Eletra Lamborghini. Kind of comedy. Duration 92 minutes.

Improtito’s hyperactive MNC shark with a clear view of Milan from a skyscraper smells great: a A deserted chiringuito by the sea in the remote village of Garroneddu in Sardinia Obviously with a sea of ​​ruined beauty. We laugh. It is distributed by Medusa and will be featured in 245 Cinemas

still antenna by Leonardo Costanzo

with Silvio Orlando and Tony Servillo
Dramatic genre, duration 117 ′

A former 19th century prison has been abandoned. Due to bureaucratic issues, transfers have been blocked and dozens of detainees remain with a few clients awaiting new destinations in a suspended atmosphere. He was martyred in the old prison of San Sebastiano in Sassari.

the smell of myrtle At Christian Kanderan

with Francesco matto
Genre Documentary, Duration 90 ′

The life of a strange and gentle 40-year-old Sardinian shepherd, It started a decade ago from Ovodda to reach Tramonti di Sopra In the deep northeast.

After the national premiere in Nuoro (Eliseo Cinema on September 11), the film made a tap tour Cagliari (Babylon Film Festival), OristanoAnd Toralba And in Friuli UdineAnd PordenoneAnd cassarse, Servignanthe, Saint-DanielAnd Manyago, Cormon. a Rome It was performed on December 4 at the Flavio Theater.

luxury. luxury by Fabio Segatore

with Renato Carpentieri e Galatea Ranzi.

Genre Documentary, Duration 52 ′

A war hero and pacifist, Emilio Luso received 4 medals for his military bravery He evokes the ridiculous carnage of the Great War in his memoirs “A year on the Plateau” translated around the world. Founder of the Sardinian Movement Party. He returned to Italy after September 8, where he was minister in the governments of Bari and Gasperi. “Lussu” was shown in the nationwide premiere in Lipari November 14 in the “Margherita” room of the AKTEA hotel. During the evening, the director received the “Héphaïstos” prize.

You hesitate to choose to leave your home, arm yourself with the valued greenway, Choose a cinema that speaks SardinianSit in a comfortable armchair and roam the island with the incomparable charm that only the cinema can offer.


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