Book review: Marseille, port to port

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Marseille, the second sunny city in France, is an attractive place, a large Mediterranean port that attracts urban walkers and all those who are passionate about cities in all their multiplicity. Its ancient streets tell tales of fires, plagues, wars, decay and regrowth. Waves of people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds traveled there, and many found a home. Although the city welcomes visitors from all over the world, France’s social and political flaws are on full display here and for all its charm, Marseille struggles to overcome its reputation for corruption and crime.

Marseille, Port to Port offers a well-written overview of this fascinating city.

William Kornblum mixes travelogue and social observation by traveling through the neighborhoods of Marseille, savoring the richness of maritime culture. He also forged ties with his hometown, New York, which like Marseille is a deindustrialized port city increasingly dependent on the production and consumption of culture. It is a captivating and thoughtful portrait of the city and its citizens

Marseilles, port to port
Guillaume Kornblum
Columbia University Press

Excerpt from France Today magazine

You can watch a chat with William Kornblum in the France Today Live video hub.

Main photo credit: Marseille is one of the oldest cities in Europe © Elisa Schmidt

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