Aqualia, global integrated water management partnerships for …


Sustainable international initiative

These projects include two initiatives developed in close collaboration with the NGOs SEO Birdlife in Medina del Campo (Valladolid, Spain) and Trianon in Ostrava (Czech Republic). The two projects were selected by the Australian ethics fund IFM from among dozens of projects submitted to the Community Grants Program., which it organizes globally among the companies in its portfolio, including Aqualia.

Restoration of the wetland system in Medina del Campo supports sustainable wastewater treatment and helps protect biodiversity

IFM’s Community Investor Grants program aims to support social or environmental initiatives carried out by non-profit organizations / NGOs closely linked to IFM’s portfolio companies, such as Aqualia in Spain. These grants aim to support the growth of local communities through environmental and social collaborations. Beneficiary projects must meet the following eligibility criteria to be eligible for one of the grants: aim to make communities more inclusive, safe, resilient and / or sustainable; expect identifiable and measurable social and / or environmental results; and be aligned with the business strategy and objectives of the business submitting the proposal.

The grant amount can reach 40,000 Australian dollars per project (or the equivalent in local currency – approximately 25,000 euros) and is awarded directly to the non-profit organization / NGO with which the company is collaborating on the grant project.

In 2019, IFM Investors conducted a pilot program of these grants among its companies invested in Australia and, following its success, in 2020 it was extended to all the companies in which it invests in the world.


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