After nearly 20 years, the legislature rethinks payday <a class="wpil_keyword_link " href="/marin-des-montagnes-cannes-review-comments/" title="loans" data-wpil-keyword-link="linked">loans</a>

These days there are a lot more payday loan shops in Hawaii than you can find from 7-11. The growing need in states for payday loans is no wonder due to the higher cost of living in the islands. But with interest rates of up to 459%, lawmakers are demanding more regulation. HPRs Kuuwehi Hiraishi keeps this story.

Walk into one of the area’s 91 chain payday loan stores, and all you want is actually a few final pay stubs, a financial statement, and a blank check, and you can walk out. with around $ 500 in earnings. Welcome to the world of payday loan.

It uses people who do not have the use of the traditional financial system, says Jeff Gilbreath.

Gilbreath is the executive director of Hawaiian Community Property and Hawaiian Company Funding. The non-profit organization provides financial providers to underserved communities. Over the past three years, his organization has gathered facts about Hawaii’s payday credit business.

Every time you borrow $ 600 from a payday loan provider now, they pay $ 105 in interest, and that’s by visiting payday lenders that often may not be located in Hawaii, says Gilbreath, so this money is not just collected on the back in most cases. surprisingly, low and low income people and people who have no choice but to acquire them robbed of our local economy.

Local mom and pop music lender Richard Dan has worked at the small Maui financial loan company for 42 years. Interest is not really the issue, he says. Guy charges $ 15 interest on a $ 100 financing.

Payday loans are for people in a hurry and they are designed to take place under the blue moon, Dan says.

Dan has been a singing challenger on efforts by legislatures to further manage the market. An effort made by a colleague Maui-an, Senator Roz Baker.

The unregulated market in which people seem to face no customer protection, tariffs are expensive and many of our own families find themselves in heavy debt and unable to spend other essential living expenses, says Senator Baker.

This period, Senator Baker published The Senate costs $ 3,008, which, among other things, caps interest rates at 36% and allows their state unit of banking institutions to create a regulatory structure for the entire market.

And it really does provide cover for buyers to help them, to help consumers access finance that is right for them and is in their power to pay and it also can’t subject them to wear and tear, said Senator Baker.

Recent usury legislation allows interest rates of 12 or 24 percent depending on the lender. In 1999, the legislature created a loophole that left higher levels of interest for deferred accumulation. Basically legalize payday loans in Hawaii.

Dan says the suggested regulations favor outside and net lenders over local store lenders.

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The difficulties don’t come from within the small businesses here in Hawaii who charge 15 percent, charging primary and interest. You might not find grievances about it, Dan claims, If it ain’t broke you shouldn’t fix it.

Senator Baker’s bill stagnated after a home crossover, as it did before. She could empty and change the 2471 residence declaration and keep the lady’s attempts live.

So I hope every time we get together we can influence those who weren’t really trying to kick anyone out of the companies, says Senator Baker, but we just think you want to have laws, honest consumer protections so that you understand the people who demand these payday loans can access all of them in a good and sensible manner.