Academic experts available to comment on facets of Russian invasion of Ukraine – URI News

KINGSTON, RI – March 16, 2022 – The University of Rhode Island is making several experts available to speak on topics related to the war in Ukraine.

Distinguished University Professor Bahram Nassersharif is Director of URI’s Nuclear Engineering Program in the College of Engineering and may discuss nuclear engineering and power plant safety issues. A member of the Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Systems Engineering, he also knows and can talk about the physics, capabilities, effects and impact of nuclear weapons.

Assistant Professor of Economics Nina Eichacker focuses on macroeconomics, financial economics and the European economy. His research and teaching interests include the political and economic effects of financialization and globalization, the influence of interest groups on economic policy, and the evolution of banking practices in the United States and Europe.

Professor of Economics Richard McIntyre the areas of research and teaching are international economics, international studies and diplomacy. Professor McIntyre has taught at the University of Le Havre, Euromed Marseille School of Management (now KEDGE Business School), Novgorod State University, University of Lyon II and École Normale Supérieure de Cachan (now École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay), where he was a visiting professor-researcher in 2002, as well as at numerous universities and colleges in the United States, most recently at Texas Christian University in February 2021. He was in residence as holder of the Chair of the Americas at the Institute of the Americas-Rennes, University of Rennes 2 in the spring of 2017.

Professor of political science Marc Hutchison, director of the department, specializes in international relations and foreign policy. He is interested in the causes and consequences of international conflict, as well as the relationship between state-level threats and national attitudes and behaviors, such as political tolerance, trust, and participation. Other research interests include territorial disputes, terrorism, civil conflict, state building, and US foreign policy.

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management Koray Özpolat can offer expertise in humanitarian logistics and disaster relief, international trade and globalization, the impact of war and international sanctions on global supply chains and emerging supply chain technologies . At URI, he teaches Global Supply Chain Management at the undergraduate and MBA levels and has engaged in research/teaching activities in China, South Korea, Italy, France and in Hungary. He serves the profession as Vice President of Information Management for the Institute of Decision Sciences and as Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Transport. Prior to joining URI in 2011, he worked for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Jordan, for the National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology in Turkey, and held teaching positions in former Soviet republics of Kyrgyzstan and Georgia.

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management and Area Coordinator Dara Schniderjans focuses on sustainability and societal factors and supply chain implications. She is the co-author of five books and has published over thirty academic journal articles as well as numerous book chapters. Schniderjans was guest co-editor of a special issue on “Business Ethics in the Social Sciences” in the International Journal of Society Systems Science. She also served as Website Coordinator and New Faculty Development Consortium Coordinator for Decisions Sciences Institute. She has been recognized as a Fellow and Distinguished Scholar by the Program Committee of the International Institute for Applied Knowledge Management. It has obtained CLTD (ASCM), CPP (American Purchasing Society) and LSS Black Belt (University of Southern California) certifications. She has also worked as a consultant for a medical data mining startup and in advertising for an end-to-end telehealth solutions organization in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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